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Friends of Edgewater Parrots!

We have many people and organizations to thank for their help with out cause. Many have sent new visitors to our site to help in spreading the word about the plight of Edgewater's Parrots. Below are links to many of those sites along with the search engines that also greatly help people find our site.

Thanks and please visit our friends below.

Friends of Edgewater Parrots:



BroolynParrots.com � A Website about the Wild Quaker Parrots of Brooklyn - Facts, lore, audio files, photos, photo comics, and other information about Brooklyn's flocks of wild monk parrots.

07020.com � Edgewater, NJ forum that is uncensored, uncommon, and unconditionally COOL! And they have a Quaker Parrot as their mascot!

The Quaker Parakeet Society - GPS is a registered 501(c) non-profit organization formed by Quaker owners, breeders, and conservationists committed to promoting national interest and understanding of quakers. And be sure to visit the the QPS Quaker store which features fun items with quaker parakeets on them.

QuakerVille.com - Stanley's Quakerville - Dedicated to raising the awareness about the quaker "monk" parrots in domestication and in the wild through the internet, books, videos, and live presentations. great photos and videos, too! See a mommy Quaker feed her baby!


Quaker Parrots Mailing List

Monk Parakeets at Brooklyn College: Invaders from the South?



FosterParrots.com (parrot rescue, adoption, and sanctuary)

Arcadia Bird Sanctuary (parrot rescue, adoption, and sanctuary)

The Alex Foundation (research into parrot intelligence)

FreeParrots.net (parrots in the wild)

Parrot Trust - USA (parrots in the wild)

ParrotsInternational.org (parrots in the wild)

ParrotChronicles.com (for pet parrot owners)

Petfinder.org (adopt a homeless parrot!)



A-waywithwords.net (dedicated to the legendary Fonzie)

The incredible singing Quaker (Ohio "diva" parrot sings "take me out to the ballgame")

Max, the first responder (Canadian parrot performs amazing tricks)



PaleMale.com - Home of pale male and lola, 5th avenues famous red-tailed hawks and their adopted cental park family. Contains breath-taking photographs by birder lincoln karim, best known and the telescope guy at the model boathouse and for his efforts to save the nest of his beloved 5th avenue hawks.

MarieWinn.com - Author of Red-Tails in Love, a delightful central park drama.

eMediaNation.com - A full service marketing agency dedicated to increasing client business profitability through the use of interactive marketing solutions - and the company that has created our website, Pro-Bono.


Search Engines:

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